A diversified financial services business

By challenging industry norms and embracing change, Mako aims to be at the forefront of its field, offering proven risk management and bespoke client services. Mako has a track record of consistent and long-term high performance underpinned by a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture.

Mako remains committed to trusted partnerships with investors, clients, and counterparties and to social responsibility.


Since 1999, Mako has evolved from being a niche trading house into a diverse financial services group.


Mako is founded through a management buy out of Saratoga, a London-based options trading company.


London business moves from ‘open outcry' to screen traded markets following close of LIFFE floor.


Mako Commodities Trading is established in Chicago, US.

MFM, 2001

Mako launches Mako Financial Markets.


"Dealing for Donation Day" launches to raise money for charity.

Algorithmic Trading Group, 2006

Algorithmic Trading Group is established.

MIM, 2007

Mako Investment Managers, in partnership with Bruno Usai, launches award-winning fixed income fund.

Close Brothers, 2007

Close Brothers Group purchases a 49.9% stake in Mako Group.

Global financial crisis 2008

Mako Group successfully navigates financial crisis with a strong focus on market and operational risk.

Mako Buy-Back, 2011

Following a successful partnership period, Mako commits to repurchase the Mako stake from Close Brothers.

MGI, 2012

Mako Global Investors is established.

MFM, 2012

Mako Financial Markets ETF business launches.

MFM Expansion, 2013

Mako Financial Markets OTC and fixed income product expansion.

Long/Short Equity fund, 2014

Mako Global Investors launch Long/Short Equity fund.


Executive Leadership

Non-Executive Directors

David Segel

Founder and Chairman

Trystan Morgan Schauer


Kevin Sweet

Group CTO

James Cole

Head of Trading

Miles Hayward

Head of MFM

Brett Flowers

Group CFO

Christopher Welsh



Mako Central Services provides essential services and infrastructure to the Mako Group.

Operations Platform
Operations Platform

Mako utilises an integrated and proprietary technology platform in the front, middle and back office functions. This flexible and responsive infrastructure provides a scalable and robust solution to managing and processing data.

Regulatory and Compliance
Regulatory and Compliance

Mako's regulatory and compliance team provides invaluable advice and guidance in an evolving regulatory climate. Strong, established relationships with regulators and service providers ensures Mako is up to speed with current developments across the industry and well placed to adopt regulatory changes.

Risk Management
Risk Management

The risk team is responsible for identifying, assessing, managing and controlling market, credit and operational risks. Mako's risk team has over 20 years' experience providing risk services to the trading desks, specialising in listed derivatives across multiple trading platforms and seven years of practical knowledge servicing hedge fund strategies.

Product Control
Product Control

Mako's product control team acts as the key control point for operational risk management. Strong relationships with key counterparties coupled with extensive business and industry knowledge helps provide an excellent service to each business.


The experienced HR team provide support around learning, recruitment, the development of Mako’s strong culture.


The finance team provides support across all aspects of financial, management and regulatory accounting to the Group. It is also responsible for the treasury function and strategic financial planning.


The legal team has a wide range of experience and is closely involved in supporting all of Mako’s activities. It has a particularly active role in new business initiatives.


In an evolving and increasingly complex market, Mako recognises the importance of effective and adaptable technology as a tool for generating returns. Mako’s technology teams deploy advanced trading applications over low latency infrastructure, connecting Mako to global markets.



A team of experts work to design, implement and support our proprietary trading systems and strategies


& Systems Engineering

Mako has a highly tuned and resilient infrastructure built with performance and latency as a primary focus

Quantitative Analysis

& Statistical Modelling

Collaborative approach where experienced traders share their extensive market knowledge to inform the modeling process and increase competitive edge.



Mako’s proprietary data platform offers an integrated, front to back solution for managing and accessing large volumes of daily data.


Mako has a long and active history of charitable giving and is deeply committed to supporting organisations across the globe that help and support vulnerable communities and individuals.

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Dealing for Donation Day was set up by Mako in 2002. The inspiration behind this idea sprung, in part, from WeSeeHope's (formally HopeHIV) 1010 challenge as well as an overall aim to increase active participation in philanthropic efforts across the industry. The event has been, and continues, to be an overwhelming success. One day every year, Mako puts on a great fund raising effort inviting fellow members of the financial community to join us in supporting our headline charities. Thus far we have raised just over £3m since inception. All funds raised go directly to our charity partners’ projects.

Volunteer days

Employees have the opportunity to volunteer for a local charity and offer hands on help. Not only does this benefit the charities themselves, but it also builds awareness of the work charities do within our local area and community.

Reading Partners

Reading partners in conjunction with the charity ‘Inspire’, the Education Business Partnership for Hackney, is a group of volunteers from Mako attends a local primary school in Hackney to assist with a reading programme aimed at helping to improve children's reading skills and to develop their self confidence.

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